Living & Eating Comida Criolla in NYC: An invited talk

This past week I had the pleasure to return to one of my alma maters, Florida International University, to share my ongoing research with Hispanic Caribbean cuisines in New York City. I was hosted by Prof. Jorge Duany, Director of the Cuban Research Institute and Professor of Anthropology at FIU. The talk, titled Living and Eating Comida Criolla in New York City, shared results from field interviews I conducted with Dominicans, Puerto Ricans and Cubans in the city. The talk focused on the Cuban experience in NYC, as an opportunity to gather feedback from the Cuban perspective in Miami, FL:

The talk led to a fruitful conversation with the audience. Such conversation got started with a question on the distribution of Hispanic Caribbean restaurants in New York City, an interesting issue I have partly addressed in a previous post. This motivated questions about the cuisine authenticity, in light of the emergence of high-end restaurants, where these cocinas criollas are being reinvented with a higher price tag. Members of the audience also shared memories from their own migration histories, enriching my ongoing analysis of the Cuban American experience.



2 thoughts on “Living & Eating Comida Criolla in NYC: An invited talk

  1. So happy I found your blog. I was at the Plaza de Mercado in Rio Piedras w/my aunt a few weeks ago and was introduced to lerenes. Then I googled and found your article. Now I’ve been reading all them, especially the ones on PR; I was curious about the very same issues you’ve researched. Your blog is a goldmine especially for those of us who are devoted to our PR food. I’m also a Tufts alum and noticed you studied at the Nutrition School. I ordered the Eris’ Green Kitchen which you recommended. Keep up the great work. Muchisimas gracias!

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