Summer Transitions: New position!

As the summer begins to wind down, so is my time in New York City. In the coming months, I will be moving to New Orleans, as an Associate Professor at Tulane University! I arrived in New York City in 2015, as a Provost Faculty Fellow in Food Studies at New York University – my … Continue reading Summer Transitions: New position!

Book announcement: Caribeños at the Table

I am thrilled to share that my book, Caribeños at the Table: How Migration, Health, and Race Intersect in New York City, is scheduled to come out this October 2021 via University of North Carolina Press. The book has been the result of a long and transformative process, beginning back in 2013, when I moved … Continue reading Book announcement: Caribeños at the Table

Learning from the Literature: Results from our Scoping Review

I am happy to share my latest publication, Facilitating Healthier Eating at Restaurants: A Multidisciplinary Scoping Review Comparing Strategies, Barriers, Motivators, and Outcomes by Restaurant Type and Initiator. This publication was motivated by the need to better understand if and how restaurants have been engaging in strategies that could potentially result in healthier eating. Public … Continue reading Learning from the Literature: Results from our Scoping Review

Sharing our research: Brooklyn College Magazine

Originally posted on LARiAProject:
We are thrilled about this article published in this month’s Brooklyn College Magazine, “Resiliency Issue.” The piece profiles our project director, Dr. Melissa Fuster, talking about the motivation behind this work, plus two members of our research team: Tara Frank and Elise Harrison. We are thankful for this spotlight, and to…

Introducing LARiA (and a new website look!)

Last March, when I drafted my dispatch for Gastronomica’s special edition on Food in Times of COVID-19, I wrote from a place of uncertainty. My article, Community Health Research, Restaurants, and Adjusting amid Uncertainty, documented my nostalgia for restaurants and the abrupt pause in my restaurant-focused study. I concluded the article with a look to … Continue reading Introducing LARiA (and a new website look!)

Health promotion, policy change, and the public good: Thoughts from soda taxes (new publication)

Presenting a new publication, examining the soda taxes in Mexico and Chile, and comparing such obesity prevention efforts to COVID-19 public health prevention messages and receipt.

Looking Back on the Decade That Was

Today is the first day of 2020. As years before, this time of year comes with a look back on the year that was. But this year, some retrospectives have gone beyond the usual 365 days to ten years. One of my favorites is from the food policy focused Civil Eats. The media outlet started … Continue reading Looking Back on the Decade That Was

Restaurants: A new research direction

Sharing and celebrating my new (and first!) NIH-funded research to collaborate with restaurants in the developing of an intervention to improve food environments in NYC’s Puerto Rican and Dominican communities.