Scholarly Writings

This blog is used as an outlet for ideas and observations coming from ongoing academic research. Below are some of the resulting publications:

Fuster, M. (2017) “Eating well (when you can): Food security among stateside Puerto Ricans” in E. Meléndez and C. Vargas-Ramos (eds) The State of Puerto Ricans 2017 pp.121-124. New York, NY: Centro Press.

Fuster, M. and U. Colón-Ramos (2017), “Changing Places, Changing Plates? A Binational Comparison of Barriers and Facilitators to Healthful Eating Among Central American Communities ” Journal of Immigrant and Minority Health (Online, April 2017)

Fuster, M. (2017) “We like Fried Things: Negotiating health, taste and tradition among Spanish Caribbean communities in New York City” Ecology of Food and Nutrition (Online, Jan. 2017).

Fuster, M. (2016) “Puerto Rico” in K. Albala (ed) At the Table: Food and Family around the World pp. 231-238.  Santa Barbara, CA: Greenwood.

Fuster, M. (2015) “Writing Cuisines in the Spanish Caribbean: A comparative analysis of iconic Puerto Rican and Cuban cookbooks” Food, Culture and Society 18(4)

Fuster, M. “Comparative analysis of dietary guidelines in the Spanish Caribbean” Public Health Nutrition (Online, July 10, 2015).

Fuster, M., R.F. Houser, E. Messer, P. Palma de Fulladolsa, H. Deman, and O.I. Bermudez (2014). “Household-level dietary quality indicator for countries in nutritional transitions: Application to vulnerable communities in El Salvador”, Public Health Nutrition Journal 17 (3): 529-536.

Fuster, M., E. Messer, P. Palma de Fulladolsa, H. Deman, and O.I. Bermudez (2014). “Is healthy eating part of food and nutrition security?: Perspectives from poor communities in El Salvador” [Se considera la alimentación saludable parte de la seguridad alimentaria y nutricional?: perspectivas desde comunidades pobres de El Salvador”] Perspectivas en Nutrición Humana 16 (1): 11-24.

Concannon, T.W., M. Fuster, T. Saunders, K. Patel, J. Wong, L.K. Leslie, J. Lau (2014). “A Systematic Review of Stakeholder Engagement in Comparative Effectiveness and Patient-Centered Outcomes ResearchJournal of General Internal Medicine (online, 4/June/2014)

Fuster, M., E. Messer, R.F. Houser, P. Palma de Fulladolsa, H. Deman, and O.I. Bermudez (2014). “Local notions of healthy eating and national dietary guidelines: A comparison in vulnerable Salvadorian communitiesFood and Foodways 21(4): 288-314.

Fuster, M., R.F. Houser, E. Messer, P. Palma de Fulladolsa, H. Deman, and O.I. Bermudez (2013). “Perceived access and actual intake of healthy diets among households in vulnerable Salvadorian communities”, Journal of Nutrition Education and Behavior 45 (6): 713-717.

Fuster, M. (2013) “Food and Class”, Encyclopedia of Food and Agricultural Ethics (Paul B. Thompson and David M. Kaplan, eds.)

Fuster, M., M. Mutonyi, R.F. Houser, and J. Coates (2008) “Factors Associated with Food Security Optimism in BangladeshJournal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition, 3 (1): 84-99

Burnett, D. and M. Fuster (2007) “The Class We Never Taught” Tufts Nutrition, Fall 2007.


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