Exploring Menus: Updates from the field

Originally posted on LARiAProject:
As we continue to wrap up our listening sessions with restaurants, our team has been spending quality time with restaurant menus, learning about food offerings in Latin American restaurants from different angles. We wanted to take note of the kinds of offerings that already exist, including healthier offerings and innovative takes…

Supporting Restaurants: Eating Out and Pushing for Legislation

In late June 2020, New York City restaurant started slowly reopening with outside seating. Many streets have gradually transformed extended into busy sidewalks and by the side of traffic and bike lanes. Personally, it has taken me a while to re-embrace eating out. I have never been a fan of outside seating, especially in the … Continue reading Supporting Restaurants: Eating Out and Pushing for Legislation

The Privilege of Delivery

I resisted in the beginning. Then, a few years ago, I found myself trying to maneuver the small wheels of a fragile grocery cart in the middle of winter and dirty snow, after making the epic, round-the-store line at Trader Joe’s. That was it. Soon after, I tried my first grocery delivery service and I … Continue reading The Privilege of Delivery