Supporting Restaurants: Eating Out and Pushing for Legislation

In late June 2020, New York City restaurant started slowly reopening with outside seating. Many streets have gradually transformed extended into busy sidewalks and by the side of traffic and bike lanes. Personally, it has taken me a while to re-embrace eating out. I have never been a fan of outside seating, especially in the … Continue reading Supporting Restaurants: Eating Out and Pushing for Legislation

Health promotion, policy change, and the public good: Thoughts from soda taxes (new publication)

Presenting a new publication, examining the soda taxes in Mexico and Chile, and comparing such obesity prevention efforts to COVID-19 public health prevention messages and receipt.

Talking NAFTA, Food, Mexico and Beyond

This month I was honored to be part of two events* in celebration of Alyshia Gálvez’s new book, Eating NAFTA: Trade, Food policies and the destruction of Mexico (University of California Press). Gálvez is a cultural anthropologist and professor of Latin American and Latino Studies at Lehman College of the City University of New York. … Continue reading Talking NAFTA, Food, Mexico and Beyond

On Cuba’s ration book (from Repeating Islands)

Originally posted on Repeating Islands:
A report by Hector Velasco for the Agence France Presse. From one end of the island to the other, every Cuban can be sure of one thing: Their ration book, or “libreta,” will put at least the basics on their table at dinner time. When President Raul Castro tried several…