Summer Transitions: New position!

As the summer begins to wind down, so is my time in New York City. In the coming months, I will be moving to New Orleans, as an Associate Professor at Tulane University! I arrived in New York City in 2015, as a Provost Faculty Fellow in Food Studies at New York University – my … Continue reading Summer Transitions: New position!

Book announcement: Caribeños at the Table

I am thrilled to share that my book, Caribeños at the Table: How Migration, Health, and Race Intersect in New York City, is scheduled to come out this October 2021 via University of North Carolina Press. The book has been the result of a long and transformative process, beginning back in 2013, when I moved … Continue reading Book announcement: Caribeños at the Table

The Privilege of Delivery

I resisted in the beginning. Then, a few years ago, I found myself trying to maneuver the small wheels of a fragile grocery cart in the middle of winter and dirty snow, after making the epic, round-the-store line at Trader Joe’s. That was it. Soon after, I tried my first grocery delivery service and I … Continue reading The Privilege of Delivery

Restaurant research update: An initial look at menus

Last month, my team completed the assessment of close to 90 Hispanic Caribbean restaurants, as an initial step for my new restaurant study. We worked together last spring to adapt the Nutrition Environments Measurement Survey for Restaurants (NEMS-R) to the Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican cuisines, including additional factors in relation to the promotion of … Continue reading Restaurant research update: An initial look at menus

Restaurants: A new research direction

Sharing and celebrating my new (and first!) NIH-funded research to collaborate with restaurants in the developing of an intervention to improve food environments in NYC’s Puerto Rican and Dominican communities.


It was a hot and humid August morning. Adela sat in the back of her restaurant, peeling potatoes, with only a small fan to appease the heat. The TV was tuned to Telemundo, with Elvis Crespo singing for Monica Puig, the Puerto Rican tennis player who days before had just won the first gold medal … Continue reading Adela

Living & Eating Comida Criolla in NYC: An invited talk

This past week I had the pleasure to return to one of my alma maters, Florida International University, to share my ongoing research with Hispanic Caribbean cuisines in New York City. I was hosted by Prof. Jorge Duany, Director of the Cuban Research Institute and Professor of Anthropology at FIU. The talk, titled Living and Eating … Continue reading Living & Eating Comida Criolla in NYC: An invited talk

Selling Cuisines: Cuban and Puerto Rican Tables

Cuban and Puerto Rican cuisines are born out of movement, merging Spanish, African and Taino influences. Part of my recent fieldwork has looked into how these communities distinguish each other’s foods. When asked directly, New York City Cuban and Puerto Rican interviewees often have a hard time differentiating. Mostly, they talk about the beans – … Continue reading Selling Cuisines: Cuban and Puerto Rican Tables