Book announcement: Caribeños at the Table

I am thrilled to share that my book, Caribeños at the Table: How Migration, Health, and Race Intersect in New York City, is scheduled to come out this October 2021 via University of North Carolina Press. The book has been the result of a long and transformative process, beginning back in 2013, when I moved … Continue reading Book announcement: Caribeños at the Table

Restaurant research update: An initial look at menus

Last month, my team completed the assessment of close to 90 Hispanic Caribbean restaurants, as an initial step for my new restaurant study. We worked together last spring to adapt the Nutrition Environments Measurement Survey for Restaurants (NEMS-R) to the Cuban, Dominican and Puerto Rican cuisines, including additional factors in relation to the promotion of … Continue reading Restaurant research update: An initial look at menus

Restaurants: A new research direction

Sharing and celebrating my new (and first!) NIH-funded research to collaborate with restaurants in the developing of an intervention to improve food environments in NYC’s Puerto Rican and Dominican communities.

A nutritious holiday find

During this year’s holiday visit to Puerto Rico, I came across this recipe manual written in 1980 by nutritionists in the town of Caguas: The recipe manual was distributed at some point to the town’s residents, more than three decades ago, as a collection of various traditional recipes with the “highest nutritional value”, with a … Continue reading A nutritious holiday find

Health married Design in Guatemala

Health married design. They built a small house for children to grow healthy and tall. Chronic malnutrition is a big problem in Guatemala, resulting in impaired physical and cognitive development. We know the solution to this issue, including simple solutions such as growth monitoring, vitamin supplementation, or just improving food access. Yet, in places like … Continue reading Health married Design in Guatemala

Memories of Acerola

My maternal grandmother Mamía had an acerola tree in her backyard. It was planted by my grandfather in the 1950s, along with a lemon tree and other plants.  I have a few memories of eating fruit from this tree and still after many years acerolas continue to be one of my favorite fruits. Recently, Elisa … Continue reading Memories of Acerola